Monday, June 26, 2006

I still like think I was onto something here.....

I found a bunch of my old practice files so thought I'd share some over the next couple of weeks - just so everybody realizes I'm not as perfect as I seem.....I know this one is awful, but I still like it!

I obviously never quite finished this and there was a much bigger picture in mind (and grander idea) when I started my little practice promo clip, but I did the video part by photographing my hands (forming my home-made alphabet-symbols for the letters 'W','M','A','L' - which was supposed to represent my newfound design company, "Wilhelm Media/Arm's Length Productions" ? ) with a $19.99 digital pen-camera, edited those images with Jasc Paint Shop Pro, mixed them into an animated .gif using Babarosa GIF Animator. The audio .wav came from a midi I had written that I then slowed down and echoed using Cool Edit 96. The whole thing was then thrown together with Ulead Visual Studio 4.0. Pretty funny, huh? Oh, but just wait, they get even worse.....


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