Friday, May 01, 2009

Report From The Field

My Rugged Feat

Let's hope my feet, not to mention my back, hold out on my little hike as well as my solid little blog has held out through the years... (no, I don't know what that's really even supposed to mean...)

In an effort to tide things over until I return, all 3 posts on this page should be new. Gee, I hope nobody comes down with a bad case of indegression...  (heeheehee) *Notice there is another super-interactive survey available!!!

Feel free to leave comments because I'll have somebody publish them for me while I'm gone, and I plan to post at least once during my hike. Don't forget, Mother's Day is May 10th!

I, Digress (again)


A bunch of us were playing a little spontaneous game of 'name-the-movie-this-line-is-from' one know, like somebody says 'I coulda been a contender' and then everybody tries to guess the movie 'On The Waterfront'.

Well, in an attempt to be funny I decided I'd give a ridiculously simple clue that everybody would be able to guess, so I said, "I've got one that nooooobody will be able to guess!" "Alright, let's hear it..." Then, doing my best/worst/only Charlton Heston impression, I say, "Take your stinking paws off me, you d*mn dirty ape!" A friend of mine, to keep the sarcasm going, says, "Oh I know! That's an easy one - it's from 'Casablanca.'" "Yep," I said, "you guessed it." And this other guy, acting disgusted at how stupid we both are, says, "No it's not! It's from Planet Of The Apes, you morons!" And my friend says, "No, it's from Casablanca, right after that other line 'Frankly, my dear, I don't give a d*mn.'"

So we're all laughing over this for a minute, thinking everybody knew we were kidding about the movie, and all those lines coming from Casablanca, and then the game went on for a little while longer. Anyway, hours later, after the game had long since ended and nobody's really even talking much about anything anymore, this guy pipes up out of nowhere, "Well I'll tell you what - they might have used that line in Casablanca, but it was in Planet Of The Apes first!"

'They're playing our you think they'll play it again, Sam?'

On that note...It might surprise you to know that the man who wrote the book The Planet Of The Apes (yes, it was a book, written by Pierre Boulle) is the same man who authored The Bridge On The River Kwai. Being a somewhat-well-cultured man, I've seen both movies - well, I watched most of 'The Bridge', anyway... (Oddly enough, I saw no apes in The Bridge On The River Kwai!?!) And being an avid reader, I have of course read the book. The Planet Of The Apes, that is. It may sound funny, but the book really is well worth reading! The beginning and end of the book are not in the movie, and those two parts are what actually make the story. I won't spoil it for you, but trust me, the book is a very well-written piece of material!
Okay everybody, stop MONKEYING AROUND! We've got to get this section put together before the SWING shift gets here!

And on that a disapproving nod to pop-culture, I find it interesting that while most people know of the movie Casablanca and may be able to quote some lines from the film, or name the actors, etc., those very same people can't name which country the real-life Casablanca is located in! (Morocco)

Frankly, I don't give a d*mn, so take your stinking posts off me, you d*mn dirty blog!

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