Monday, June 19, 2006

is it possible that maybe i REALLY AM the greatest?

As if yesterday's post wasn't bad enough.....check this out:

my caption - Blow harder!!! Don't let that thing land on us!!!
Blow harder!!! Don't let that thing land on us!!!

Yep, I finally got first place in a stupid caption contest...last time I checked anyway. I had posted so many different captions in order to help better my chances of winning (er, plus I'm just a funny guy so these things come easy for me) that I apparently made alot of people angry - so they started voting against me and even entering captions under my name filled with self-deprecating (altho still quite humorous) remarks...the so-called "official" winner has been alternating between 3 or 4 of us since then.
Here are some of my other entries:

Oh, excuse me, I seem to have a pebble in my shoe. / Now, why am I using your leg as a cue stick in this game of 9-ball we're playing on this giant felt pool table? / Well, they say the grass is always greener... / Oh yeah!?! Well then why don't you put your money where the foot in my mouth is, wise guy!!! / Would you like fries with that? / Agent RedShirt knew he might have to take a bullet for the now-disguised President someday, but this was ridiculous! / ...this was the strangest BALLroom dance they'd ever been to! / I hope I win the Craption contest someday!

My favorite NON-MINE entry was:

"Do you mind if I sit here?"

(feel free to vote for your favorite caption of MINE in MY comment section) har,har,har


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