Wednesday, November 02, 2005


In what is obviously an acceptable tradition, I too will now share some personal photos... You can click to enlarge these pics to get the full effect of the beauty of this magnificent creature - oh yeah, and the cat too!Mr. Kitty and me - November 2005

This is my completely wild, untamed, stray tomcat - he does not love me, need me, or accept my presence in his world (...unless there's nobody around...).

He used to tag around with the stray female I was feeding (for protection - he'd been hit by a car or something and could hardly walk on his hind legs; even today his tail is all crooked and mangled, looks like a car antennae that's been all bent out of shape). She got pregnant so she went to live with my brother, and the tomcat has been here ever since. For a long time he wouldn't let anybody touch him, but now I can sit on the porch, pat my leg, and he'll jump into my lap just like a puppy would and snuggle up for a nap. He eats quite well, for such an independent animal - cat food,steak,hot dogs,warm milk. He's become so spoiled he actually meowed until I woke up and went outside at like 5 A.M. the other morning - so I could chase away another stray that was picking on him.


He's no Clunkski or Beatrice, but he's mine sort of.....


Blogger .: raven :. said...

awwww .. he is cute!!!!!

i miss my cat. :(

7:06 AM  

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