Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Past That Haunts Me (and you too, now)

As everybody's probably guessed by now, I've run across a bunch of my old pictures, videos and audio files. In order to put off having to use my brain to come up with my usual creative & witty posts I'm reliving (i.e. rehashing) the good ol' days by sharing them with the world.....

This was my final project for the first Photoshop class I ever took. It's a design submission for the college yearbook (reverse not shown because I can't find the entire file). The school didn't officially pick my design as the winner to use the next year or give me credit for giving them any ideas, BUT they almost blatantly used the same format and color scheme on the reverse and the whole 'thought bubble' theme was used throughout the catalog..... I've always held this thought about people stealing my ideas/songs/stories/etc.: Go ahead and steal my stuff if you have to - I can always come up with something just as good again, over and over, but you can't. Of course, these aren't the best examples of something anybody would want to claim they 'borrowed.'

This was one of my Adobe Illustrator assignments. I hated that class and that software, but now of course I realize and can appreciate how amazing Illustrator is. Anyway, even though the darn thing looks pathetic and ridiculous I thought the general idea behind it was kinda cool - the image is made up entirely of flower parts I'd drawn. Hmm, now I can't remember why that was such a brilliant idea.

It's kinda funny looking back at stuff like this now and then. Kinda scary, too, because I haven't progressed much.....


Blogger Blaez said...

I feel the same way with my writing. I like to write poems and short stories. Some I share, some I dont.

I look back at when I first started writing and I had such passion for it my work seemed so brilliant to me. And now, the things I write. They seems dull. and I can't really WRITE anymore. I've had a perma writer's block for ages now. I wrote one poem in the past few months and it was on an idea of love. About starting over from divorce and hoping to find that special someone to help mend a broken heart and hoping to have a love at first site love. Just instant passion. haha


Yea, I know how you feel.

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