Monday, December 05, 2005

The Times, They Were A Changin'.....

While living in New York a long time ago, I happened to run across an old cemetery with two graves dated 1774, which I thought was pretty cool since America wasn't even an official country at that time. Anyway, I was telling one of the local senior citizens about the grave sites and this led to him tell me a little about the history of the area.....The first capitol of The United States was actually New York City. At one point during the Revolutionary War, the capitol was moved to Kingston (New York) to protect important papers and what-not from the British. Later, the capitol was moved still further away to Albany because of, once again, the advancing British troops.....after the war Albany remained the capitol of New York State and, of course, the U.S. Capitol ended up in Washington, D.C.

That is all for today's history lesson.....


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