Thursday, August 24, 2006

You've Seen The Bestest, Now See The Restest

Well LA-DI-DA!!! Bestest, Shmestest!!!
I've been wasting spending all of my time some of my time boring everyone talking about how great my sensational internet meme is and discussing the far-reaching effects it's having on mankind, so I thought I'd give everyone a break and mention that Lizza probably has a crush on me earned and now officially holds a
Bestest Blog Of The Day title! That doesn't make her better than me, though. Or better than my film 'An Space Ode'. (now with over 1,000 views!) If you haven't visited her site, I Am Woman, See Me Blog!, you really need to go check it out. She's far less interested in me than I'm leading you to believe more interesting than anything you'll see here, so go have a look! She, as well as many others, has been good about linking her readers to my now-classic meme, which probably contributed to her current status as Beste- ACK, who am I kidding?

Seriously, congratulations to Lizza on a job well done! (or should I have said "a blog well done?") *note to self: work on punchlines a little more

Now, back to me. I fixed and rigged posted a caption contest yesterday because I'm a big baby and a cheat sick and tired of never winning the ones over at Pointless Waste Of Time perfect name for it, too . Actually, I did win one once,
this one, but for some reason my caption wasn't posted on the "front page" winner's section for the day - the second place caption was there instead! I know that was intentional, so I'm "accidentally" forgetting to add links to that site every time I mention it heeheehee. So, in reality, all I really wanted was to see my caption right up front (er, underneath) with the photo... Sure enough, (big surprise!), I actually even lost my own caption contest! But I came in a very, very close second, so I can live with that. okay, technically third, since two people tied for first so, yeah, technically last, since there were only three entries, counting mine... C of S!!! Lizza!!! Oh well, it was my caption people saw first anyway muahaahaaahaaaa.....

I shouldn't be giving the guys at Pointless Waste Of Time a hard time, though...there is at least one person over there who isn't a complete dolt! hmm, nope, nothing to strikethru in the previous sentence In a forum discussion over one particular caption contest, pfft! get a life somebody's winning caption was being discussed as possibly the funniest EVER good grief and maybe even the best in memory guess they missed all of my entries, but one lone genius saw through all the smoke and mirrors and mentioned that my 2nd-place entry "wasn't too bad either." emphasis mine lol no, seriously lol lol You can probably think of a million better things to do see the riveting discussion

Alright, Okay, enough of my little tantrum, I presume..... Hey, I was just thinking, I presume - wouldn't it be hilarious if I added the little sound effects for punctuation in my sentences like that one guy on TV used to do? Oops, or should I have said "like that one guy on TV used to do{boi-oi-oing}" Hmm, I'll have to work on starting to do that (as long as it isn't too distracting...) Hmm{kehr} I{chik}ll have to work on starting to do that {phwift}as long as it isn{chik}t too distracting{tclotd}{tclotd}{tclotd}{phwift}

Yep, Well, now that I've failed miserably at my attempt to create an internet meme, namely 'An Space Ode' developed a taste for (not to mention a flair for) creating things on the cutting edge, I've decided to push the envelope and employ modern technology to do my first "vid-e-o blog" or "vlog" on this here "com-pu-ter" - this'll put me in the running for Bestest Blog and I'll show Lizza what's what. I may post a few trivial, token posts yeah, like anyone will notice the difference over the next few days while I'm completing this new, cutting-edge "shock blog" project that might become the next big internet sensation! Competing directly against Lizza should really impress her, and the more I try to impress her, the more she'll like me I bet

The suspense will be killing you and I both, but don't worry - I'll be back! Back with a'll see! Literally - you will see! In my video blog! har,har,har

Oh yeah, I've forgotten to mention this for like a week now In the meantime, I've just discovered
this site. If you've ever noticed those 1-second flashes of a text-filled card at the end of some of Chuck Lorre's television productions (like Two And A Half Men) and wondered what he was saying, you can read them at your own pace here.....

See you soon..... Literally! Yes, they got that "see you" thing relating to the "vlog" thing the first time I've got to start working on the jokes a little more, it's all about timing, or something like that.....


Blogger Lizza said...


You made me laugh uproariously at this post, Mike! Thanks for the congratulations...congrats to you too on your non-award over at PWoT. :-)

A vlog? Oh, wonderful...I can hardly wait. It better be good! (shakes fist threateningly)

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymouse said...

a striking blog today - you are quite the character at times!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Jessie said...

What a post today. Very funny stuff!

11:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MAN!! Thanks for the Chuck Lorre link! I've always wanted to read those things, ever since Darma and Greg...

1:34 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

:-) I was feeling quite silly when I wrote this post, as you can tell.....

And yeah, I'd been wanting to read the Lorre stuff for a long time, too, I guess after the first time I realized those cards didn't all say the same thing (my VCR doesn't record tho, so I couldn't do a freeze frame lol)

3:55 AM  
Blogger Bear Slayer said...


If you devoted as much time to something worthwhile as you do this blog you just might be able to better humanity in some way. Get a rifle, go out into the woods and put a bear down or something. I'll be checking up on you for progress...

Bear Slayer

1:54 AM  
Blogger lastlifeinmyuniverse said...

lolll thats a great post !!!

thanks ! it made my day. now i must go back to readin... *grumble*

5:34 AM  
Blogger Meowkaat said...

hahahaaaaa... oh no, you made me laugh and now I'll have to start reading here all the time.
Why did I arrive?
I want to see the iron/cross/rare rocks you commented about over at "Who Are WE" blog. You said... "if anyone wants to see..." nadder nadder... "Let me know".
I am. I do.

12:32 PM  

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